Evergreen Residences

Evergreen Residences


Location: Durumi District, FCT Abuja

Land Size: 3 Hectare

Total Units within the Estate: 80

Available House Types:  2 Bedroom Apartments, 3 Bedroom Apartments, 3 Bedroom Terraces, 4 Bedroom Terraces, 4 Bedroom Detached Maisonette,  5 Bedroom Detached Maisonette

Facilities / Infrastructure:  Stand by Generator, Perimeter Fence, CCTV Security, Estate  Wide Intercom, Access Road, Water Supply & Reservoir.

Status: Available for Buy and Move in

Evergreen Residences Available House Types

2 Bedroom Block of Flats


3 Bedroom Block of Flats

3Brm Evergreen

3 Bedroom Terraces

3 Bedroom Terrace Side View

4 Bedroom Terraces

4bdtrs evergreen

4 Bedroom manssionatte

4 Bedroom Massionatte side view2

5 Bedroom manssionatte

5 Bedroom Massionatte