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What's new in the City of Bricks?

A city aimed at providing a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.

Due to demand, exigency and the ultimate success story of the other estates in the city of bricks, the brick city valley estate has commenced. This goes further to prove the unflappable and alacritous efficient nature of Urban Shelter Ltd to always meet you at the point of your need.

It's unarguable that USL has unrelentingly delivered timely and aesthetical projects in the city of bricks and even beyond delivering aesthetical homes, the brick city valley estate is built with concern for people who want to own a home but do not have the privilege of doing so due to shortage of finance. In that light; our flexible 5 years payment plan is attached to the project.

Here's the breakdown:

Year 1- 30%

Year 2- 20% (Move into your house)

Year 3- 20%

Year 4- 20%

Year 5- 10%

No hidden charges or added interest. Very reasonable and pliable I must say, I am in doubt that anyone can boast of a better offer anywhere else.

Urban shelter is here to fulfil dreams. Imagine you can conveniently own a home with our flexible payment plan and say goodbye to all that rental hassle.

Happy You, Happy Home, Happy Us!

Author: Tabitha Gwamna

Submitted 25 Jun 18 / Views 3042

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