New Beginnings

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I feel the whiff
It's so close
It's almost here
Can you feel the breeze?
Something new is hurriedly approaching
2017 is closing the curtains already
And bringing us back to that cycle of "The end feeling"
What is "The end feeling?"
At the end of everything
There's this season i call the season of fear.
Intrinsically, it is the season of analysis.
When you sit down and review what has been and what hasn't been.
It somewhat feels like writing an examination and checking your result, we are all familiar with the tension.
Usually, this brings either regret or relief.
This is when we count our wins and losses,
Review our failures and achievements,
Make New year resolutions,
And unfortunately nurture fear of the future....
There are many things you should be thinking at this time but rent payment shouldn't be one of them.
Thankfully, Urban shelter Limited is here to take that stress away with the convenience of a 5year payment plan.
2017 might not have played out well for you but you can make 2018 worth it!
Early planning leads to an early victory.
The end of one is the beginning of another,
The fall of one is the rise of another,
The end of 2017 is the beginning of 2018.
New battles to fight and win
New thoughts to establish
New plans to implement
New targets to meet
And New Houses to buy at Urban Shelter Limited.
How about you give us a call so we can open the door to not just a New Year but the door to a New Home Address.

Author: Tabitha Gwamna

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